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Packing Materials

Why you need removals packaging materials ? Whether you’re planning a house move, business relocation or a garage clean up you’ll need packaging supplies for your belongings. Having the right packing supplies at hand will not only make the packing process effortless, but also will make everything easier to find and unpack once you get to the destination. Above all Dartford Removals Moving Supplies can provide everything you need, from cardboard boxes and packing tape to polystyrene and bubble wrap for a secure and rapid pack up of your belongings.
Our Moving Company in Dartford uses only the best and most widely used materials in the removals industry. You can arrange other types of boxes, but this would require prior ordering.

Full Packing Options

Cardboard Boxes

A staple in any home move, cardboard boxes can be lightweight and easy to store most household items. You can store large amounts of clothing, soft furnishings, cutlery, toys, and ornaments in cardboard boxes. They also keep them safe while being transported. There are sizes to fit every need. Order your cardboard boxes today to get your business moving ready.

Plastic Boxes


You need something heavier than cardboard boxes? Plastic boxes are safer for large items such as tools and machinery components. Dartford Removals offers a wide range of sizes and capacities so you can find the right box for you at a great price.

Packing Tape


The importance of tape is often overlooked in the initial shopping process for packing materials. The tape is useful not only for sealing cardboard containers, but also for enforcing fragile and easy-to-rip areas – the edges and bottom of the boxes. Dartford Removals has high-quality and affordable tape rolls that can be used for sealing up to ten boxes.

Protective Covers


Moving antique furniture? Moving your piano from one location to another? Special items can be protected from damage and transported safely with purpose-designed covers. Dartford Removals can help you order protective covers for your move.

Bubble wrap 

Polystyrene beads and foam pieces are great for protecting electrical and delicate goods. Bubble wrap can be used to protect large, bulky items like furniture and delicate equipment such as musical instruments and bicycles. You should not place items without protective packaging in boxes as they can move around and get damaged.

Packing Supplies

All packaging supplies can be found at incredible low prices. Orders can be customised to meet your requirements. Are you unsure what packaging supplies you will need? Get a free consultation with the removals team and we will help you plan your move.  Local moving partner.

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